30 January 2024


The Place – The One Tower Floor 24 is a 47-storey building set in the middle of the tech district, featuring luxuriously designed workspaces, fully furnished, and ready to host the Westlakes Recruit MENA Team. 


Taking up permanent residence in the UAE has been in the crosshairs for a number of years. As an expanding business, it will accelerate solutions in clean energy approaches such as nuclear, solar power, wind technology, green hydrogen and smart energy grids. 

Alongside tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Vodafone as neighbours, we’ll be joining a thriving, dynamic business community in The Place, where we can effectively mirror our work in the nuclear sector in the UK, with the clean energy market in the UAE and North Africa.  


Westlakes Recruit CEO, Claire Wilcock said:

“I’m delighted to share the news of our new work home in Dubai, this new location brings us closer to our clients. We’ve been fortunate to sign multiple contracts with existing UK clients operating in the UAE and new clients, helping deliver our recruitment, search and consultancy services to the Middle East and North Africa clean energy market.”


We’re also supporting the Saudi Arabia’s aims to diversify its energy sources and reach their target of generating 17.6 GW of nuclear energy by 2032; 15% of the country’s total electricity production. Moreover, we delivered our promise to meet the needs of the Saudi Arabia energy program to find and recruit some of the first members of the leadership team made up of nuclear experts from around the world, helping their plans to build two nuclear power plants. 


In order to fulfil our promise, we worked in partnership to build and enhance the Middle East’s nuclear operations by using a collaborative and insight led approach to recruitment by wanting to save the project as much time and money as possible. A key starting point of ours is to create an inspiring and inclusive relationship between ourselves and our client, built on shared values and an unrelenting commitment to understand the key issues contributing to the success of our client’s forward work programme.


We reached out to our vast network of contacts in the nuclear industry globally using a variety of technology platforms to headhunt candidates who were suitably qualified and experienced, and recognised the unique opportunity to join the project.

Finally, we conducted a rigorous screening process alongside the client's talent acquisition team to ensure that all candidates met the client's requirements; had the necessary skills and experience and met all VISA requirements to be able to work in Saudi Arabia. 


Our efforts to find nuclear experts for the client's new project were successful. We were able to provide the client with highly qualified and experienced nuclear experts including:


Leadership, Project Management, Operations, Safety, Licensing, I&C, Power Systems


All the candidates had the necessary skills and experience to design, build, and operate a nuclear power plant, and they were experts in their field. The candidates were available to start work on the project within the required timeframe and are currently playing a critical role in the successful development of Saudi’s nuclear energy program. 


With our new workspace in Dubai, we’re extremely excited to continue our work abroad to help meet and exceed our client’s goals.


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