11 May 2022

Why retained search?

Westlakes Recruit introduce retained search fee model.


By Jessica leary, Westlakes Recruit 


Westlakes Recruit are dedicated to being smarter, faster and more agile in their recruitment approach, and with this in mind, have introduced a retained search fee model.


In comparison to a contingency search, where a fee is only obtained after candidates are placed in a new role, retained searches involve an upfront investment on an exclusive partnership model.


Benefits of retained search


If you’re unsure whether a retained search or contingency search is the best route for you, we’ve compiled a list of benefits of a retained search with WR:


1. Save time & money without a compromise on quality


As a nuclear pure play and the sector's go to business for diverse, end-to-end, people solutions, Westlakes Recruit is powered by diversity, financial innovation and cutting-edge technology. Retained search allows WR to place your requirements as priority.


Retained search can save you time and money, as you won’t need to use your resources to find the right candidate, but you can still guarantee to find the best candidate for the role!


Not only will your needs be placed as high priory for the recruitment team, you’ll also be placed as high priority for the marketing team if you wish for the roles to be advertised on online platforms and the website.


Another reason for increased speed through retained search is Westlakes Recruit’s proactive approach. Their Headhunters will fully explore the market, from their existing global talent pool and beyond, to ensure they find the best candidate for the role.


Westlakes Recruit will only take one third of the estimated total fee from you to initiate the search! The remainder of the fee will only need to be paid on the shortlisting of CVs and on offer and acceptance.


2. Higher success rate


Across the industry, retained search is proven to be more effective than the contingency search alternative. WR’s conversion rate sits at 100%, something they’re extremely proud of.


The flexible partnership approach ensures each search is bespoke to your needs. WR will work in partnership with you, making sure to schedule in with you for regular check-ins and feedback sessions.


3. Nuclear specific executive search


As a nuclear pure play, Westlakes Recruit’s recruitment team understand the complexities of nuclear, and have the knowledge and experience needed to find highly skilled talent which will become an integral part of your leadership team.


Each candidate will be SQEP assured and will take part in both psychometric and leadership evaluations.


WR are also proud to work with inspirational leaders from across the nuclear sector, using their expertise and guidance to ensure we’re delivering the best experience to our customers and clients. With the help of our highly skilled team and expert network, we can support you in growing your business productively and sustainably.


If you’d like to find out more about how a retained search could work for your business, please get in touch with Claire on


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