01 September 2021

Viewpoint: Stepping into the World of Work

Work experience is the best way to find your feet when entering into the scary world of work.


By Niamh Gorse

Being thrown into the deep end of a sea of university applications, personal statements and placement enquires isn't straight forward. There is a lot of pressure put on students my age to know exactly what career path you wish to pursue and how you should be endeavouring towards it. 


When I finished my GCSEs, age 16, I had no idea what job I would like to do in the future or what university course (if any) would suit me. I decided to stay at Cockermouth Sixth Form to study A Levels, selecting a range of subjects that I hoped would open doors for me in the future. 


After finishing the first year of my A Levels still unsure what I'd like to do or how I should pursue it and being urged to start applying for university, I decided to enquire about work experience placements to try and devise my future. However, with a year of Coronavirus forcing us all to stay at home, turning our homes into offices, physical work experience was inevitably hard to find. 


After weeks of scouring websites harassing business owners and getting nowhere, I finally fell upon a compelling opportunity at Westlakes Recruit, when Claire Wilcock invited me to spend my summer at her family run recruitment consultancy. 


I am currently in my second week of placement here at WR and thoroughly enjoying it. So far my experience has been more than helpful. I have gained an insight into a diverse range of jobs by shadowing Daniel Rhodes, the Nuclear Decommissioning Business Manager here at WR, who explained his role was to find candidates that best suited the detailed job descriptions and requirements given to him by his clients. I have also established a greater understanding in what marketing is comprised of by following and working with Jess Leary, who illustrated exactly what her role entails. 


Next week I will be working wiith Chloe McCracken in accounts and I look forward to discovering how her role ties into the business and contributes to the success of the consultancy. 


I can't thank Westlakes Recruit enough for welcoming me into their busy workplace and unveiling what a day in their range of professions consists of. My placement here has given me a more stable understanding of the options and career paths out there and I would encourage anyone looking for a career or inspiration for their future to take a look at WR's eye catching website. In my opinion work experience is the best way to find your feet when entering into the scary world of work. If you are feeling as lost as I was about my future, definitely reach out to businesses, as you can never have too much experience. 


To find out more about how to make the most of your work experience, whether this be within the nuclear industry or other industries, visit 


Westlakes Recruit are delighted to have offered Niamh a part-time role as Trainee Resourcer after the success of her summer placement, and are looking foward to welcoming her into the Westlakes family.  


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