13 December 2023

STEM Ambassadors


How do you feel STEM ambassadors contribute to fostering interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics among students?

STEM Ambassadors bring their knowledge, skill and experience and translate it into reality to a different generation, this is vital to enthuse the next generation when it comes to deciding career choices.

In what ways do you think STEM ambassadors help bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications of STEM concepts?

They are able to relate ‘real world’ experience and demystify any preconceived ides of what people in STEM actually do when it comes to their careers.

How do you think can STEM ambassadors inspire underrepresented groups to pursue careers in STEM fields? 

STEM Ambassadors will give the “You CAN do this” approach and can also challenge traditional gender stereotypes which are still apparent in young people.

What impact do you think STEM ambassadors have on breaking gender stereotypes in STEM-related professions?

STEM Ambassadors DO have a positive impact when they visit schools and colleges and talk about their careers and how they got into them.

How do think STEM ambassadors enhance the perception of STEM subjects among students who might find them challenging or intimidating?

STEM Ambassadors will break down their chosen area of specialism into understandable language (to young people) so that any negative/challenging perceptions can be made into reality and explained

In your opinion, what role do STEM ambassadors play in promoting diversity and inclusivity in STEM education and careers?

They play an incredibly important role demonstrating directly their own roles and the fact that anybody can work in a STEM subject if they want to.

Can you share specific examples of how STEM ambassadors have influenced students to pursue STEM-related academic and career paths?

Female Engineers/STEM role models visiting local schools is one example. A simple show of hands in a classroom at the end of a session usually shows an increase in hands being raised – the successes are quite hard to measure.

In what ways do STEM ambassadors contribute to building a pipeline of future STEM professionals?

It starts from the age of 5-7 years old which is where most children decide  specific job is done by a man or a woman – but as long as there is continuity of activity then it should be successful.

How do STEM ambassadors, in particularly Altrad, connect with industry professionals to provide students with insights into real-world applications of STEM disciplines?

Through not for profit organisations that bring businesses and schools together, business partnerships, the STEM Ambassador network, STEM related institutes, school outreach, previous employees schools/colleges and universities

In your experience, how do STEM ambassadors help address the skills gap in the STEM workforce by preparing students for the demands of the future?

They play a small but crucially important role in telling young people EXACTLY what it is like to work in a STEM career.

From your perspective, what are the long-term benefits of having a strong network of STEM ambassadors in the education system and beyond?

To encourage the next generation of STEM experts into our industries.

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