22 June 2021

Diversity within the nuclear workplace: Westlakes Recruit, a catalyst for change

Powering a diverse nuclear future remains Westlakes Recruit's fundamental goal.


By Jessica Leary, Westlakes Recruit  

Westlakes Recruit is working to be an influential part of facilitating the increase of diverse communities, cultures and backgrounds in the nuclear industry. 


As a family business, Westlakes Recruit is acting as a catalyst for change in the wider nuclear community by encouraging diversity and inclusion, particularly in the hiring and recruitment processes, within the sector. 


The Nuclear Sector Deal, published in 2018, states: "The Nuclear Sector Deal proposes action, with industry working in partnership with the government, to ensure the nuclear industry benefits from a diverse workforce of nuclear skills as well as the more generic 'skills for nuclear'". 


According to the Nuclear Sector Deal, 22% of the nuclear workforce were female at the time of publishing. 


The deal sets out goals of increasing the number of women in nuclear, with 50% of apprentices to be female by 2021 and 40% of the total workforce to be female by 2030. 


To ensure greater diversity in nuclear, Westlakes Recruit are working hard to ensure the increased inclusion of underrepresented communities including women, LGBTQ+ and disabled people. 


Some of the ways the company is making sure all individuals have access to nuclear opportunities includes implementing accessible software on their new website, setting out plans for diversity training for all staff members and encouraging its clients to join the conversation about diversity. 


Andrew Little, Propulsion Business Manager at Westlakes Recruit, said: "Diversity is essentially people with different heritage, religious beliefs, race gender, sexual orientation, stature of health and age. 


As a society we must ensure all groups feel welcome and be included whatever the opportunity may be. We should focus on making sure groups outside the majority have a fair representation." 


Chloe McCracken, who is responsible for Accounts & Compliance at Westlakes Recruit, said: "Diversity is so important within the workplace. It is time to understand that we are all different and in a truly diverse team, everyone is an individual. We must support them in how they bring their very best into work." 


As Westlakes Recruit continues to grow on a national and global level, it hopes to become even more accessible to diverse people from global society and to create equal opportunties in nuclear for all. 


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