Service Analyst Problem Manager


Job Description

The Problem Manager will bring ITIL Industry Best Practice and alternative industry experience to the client bringing enhancements, processes and documentation so that the Maturity of the process meets or exceeds CMMI Level 3. 
The Problem Manager Role addresses all actions concerning the rectification of the standard ITIL definition of what an IT problem is. The role will establish ITIL Industry Best Practice effective processes to address any problems meeting the needs of the business and communicate outcomes / actions required. The role will establish a single point of contact for all problems; will own and be Responsible for solutions and coordination of actions whilst the processes and activities are developed.  
The role will analyse root causes, identify any known errors and coordinate actions to fix. Furthermore, the role shall review any Problem Trends, plan and drive the improvement Plan. In the medium term the role will analyse and recommend Service Improvement plans with solutions obtained from technical teams within the business. 
A key element of this role is the upskill of existing ISO personnel and the development of clear communication routes to monitor, measure, report and communicate all implemented activities to management, this will setup a structure that allows for continuation of Problem Management as a capability into the future for the client. 
• Delivers ITIL based documentation to support all activities based on Industry Best Practice and experience across alternative industries 
• Identifies trends and potential Problem sources (by reviewing Incident and Problem analysis) building embedded documentation on the most effective way to gather data and deliver processes to reduce incident volumes. 
• Develops a Plan for Prevention of Problem replication across multiple systems 
• Review the effectiveness of Problem Management control processes providing a plan for improvement. 
• Monitors the effectiveness of error control and report on improvements 
• Provides improvement recommendations based on knowledge and experience gained in other industries 
• Documents the maintenance of inventory of problems under analysis with progress / status 
• Documents Known Error Database (KEDB) management and ensure activities are performed for effective delivery. 
• Produces Problem Management reports and Management information 
• Coordinates and drives formal meetings to resolve problems, documenting the activities performed. 
• Trains staff in developed processes 
• Creates auditable and innovative approach to problems using RCA techniques 
• Upskills ISO teams to improve the understanding of problems and the quality / availability of IT Services. 
• Proven operation to the required values, attitude and behaviors required by the role 
• Development of ‘Maximum Value’ for all service contracts using proactive problem management. 
• Delivery of Service Management Toolset enhancement reviewed and implemented