Quality Assurance Engineer


Job Description

Westlakes Recruit are currently recruiting for a QA engineer to be engaged on a permanent basis in Eden, Cumbria.

Our client is looking to engage with nuclear biased professionals with the experience to deliver the entire quality assurance process.

The role enacts and oversees all day-to-day QA across the site, assisted by the factory manager and the support staff. He or she will report to the COO.


The ideal candidate is an exceptionally organized, methodical professional with the experience necessary to take our processes and products to the next level with respect to accuracy, security, and safety. You will be charged with policing our Quality Management System — that not only safeguards the quality of our products, but also fosters a “quality culture,” in which all employees become actively engaged in guaranteeing quality in both production and the finished prototype / product.

Objectives of this Role

Fully understand and police the Quality Management System (QMS) and Health and Safety (H&S) systems

Interpret, build upon, and comply with company and nuclear quality assurance standards – and get the business NQA1 ready

Carefully maintain complaint and nonconformance processing through records and tracking systems, including root cause and corrective actions

Document quality assurance activities with internal reporting and audits

Develop new standards for production and design, with improvements as needed, and create testing protocols for implementation across all service lines


Ensure that all staff are appropriately trained in these systems and aware of their responsibilities

Ensure that the appropriate records are filled in, on a daily basis, to ensure we are following the QMS and HSE processes and that the business is ‘audit ready’ at any time.

Contribute to the update and development of the QA system in an ongoing manner

Participate in/host any quality audits

Keep on top of audit schedules and any new/updated quality and HSE certifications required

Update, display add policies that affect the running of the business

Involvement in accident, near miss and non-conformance reporting and management


Understand, own and implement any environmental policies (gas storage, waste handling, etc)

Fire Safety

Ensure that appropriate fire protection is in place, staff are trained and equipment/training is kept up to date (delegate to Admin & monitor)

Purchasing, Goods-In and Stores management

With the assistance of the factory manager, ensure that the purchasing, goods in, quarantine and stock assignment is managed in accordance with the quality system processes.

Manage any escalated issues with suppliers and faulty goods.

Factory management

Work closely with the factory manager to ensure that the factory is running smoothly

Checks on HSE, working environment, clean factory policy

Ensure that all inspection equipment is calibrated and re-calibrated as needed (manage the schedule)

Checks on lifting equipment, etc.

Coordinate any planned inspections and/or shipping of manufactured goods.

Oversee / enforce regular risk assessments for factory (and office) related activities.


Manage any issues with the facility, with support of the admin team

Assess and manage working conditions, reorganisation of space, extension plans, etc.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

Plan, execute, and oversee inspection and testing of incoming and outgoing product to confirm quality conformance to specifications and quality deliverables

Assist operations and local quality function in tracking, documenting, and reporting quality levels as well as CSR, environmental and health and safety goals/KPIs

Analyse and investigate product complaints or reported quality issues to ensure closure in accordance with company guidelines and external regulatory requirements

Develop or update company complaint and inspection procedures to ensure capture and investigation, as well as proper documentation of complaints

Monitor risk-management procedures, and maintain and analyse problem logs to identify and report recurring issues to management and product development

Provide training and support to quality assurance team on systems, policies, procedures, and core processes