Operations Support Team Member


Job Description

The Operations Support Team Member will be part of the Operations Support Work Management Team. The Team uses defined processes to prioritise, schedule and co-ordinate activities, to enable work to be delivered effectively and efficiently. They produce, deliver and retain oversight of a structured work delivery plan for the Operating Units work activities, integrating with activities conducted by other Facilities and Operating Units. The team use work management practices to schedule and co-ordinate planned activities such as: maintenance, training, testing, assurance and outages, along with the required supporting resources. 
The Operations Support Team Member shall provide support to the Operations Team Leader (Work Management Cell) as follows: 
• Manage inputs: e.g. Planned Preventative maintenance schedule, Breakdowns, IOS’s, Project resource requests, Interruption to service requests, Planning applications etc. 
• Integrate inputs to provide efficient use of resources. 
• Provide visual management of inputs v resources and maximise use of available resource. • Provide a work package planning capability to deliver work efficiently. 
• Screen and prioritise faults. 
• Keep downstream plants informed of faults on their assets. 
• Record maintenance none delivery where appropriate – following due process. 
• Collect data to support production of KPI’s and compile reports (KPI’s) to reflect performance. 
• Integrate with site outage planning, facility and service providers and other stakeholders. 
• Deliver asset assurance. 
• Project interface to ensure smooth delivery and minimal effect on business as usual operations. 
• Pre-operations interface for projects. Knowledge & Experience • Ability to understand and apply SLMS policies and practices. 
• Experience of active area working arrangements.


• Proven ability to work as part of a team.
• Ability to work in a radiological environment.
• Good written and verbal communication skills.
• Good level of competency in the use of IT software.
• Ability to be complete to full police background check in order to gain security clearance 
• Self-motivated with ability to manage own workload.